Helping people honor their souls existence

Aloha Holistics is dedicated to the highest quality of Body, Mind and Spirit medicine awareness.

Born from one family’s lifetimes of Internationally Renowned Western Healthcare Experts and ever expansive journeys for truth in wellness

When enters your mind with healthcare?

    Initially, if anything other than rest, quality nutrients and functional training walks through that mental door to be entertained by you. We need to openly discuss honest wellness. Specifically that a unique purpose is instilled into your soulful essence. Fruitful data mining is a blessing opportunity that is bestowed upon each of us. We are all connected in the diversities of life. Navigating can sometimes take many thoughtful questions into a genetic, environmental and psychological components of what make you so distinctly you. Creating an honoring lifestyle which reflects an appreciation for the natural world from which we are born, while cherishing ancestors through the ages takes diligent loving effort.

   Western Healthcare is a branch of nature. Even as much as it has claimed to beyond nature since the “Life/Vital Force Theory” was falsely proposed to be unfounded in the 19th Century. In fact, Vitalism Theory has expanded to include inorganic compounds. Science is now confirming that everything in existence is comprised of stardust. Life on this planet has become increasingly more prone to extinction because human interests are still learning the beauty of inherent natural simplicity. We truly are a funny species. Humanity is once again remembering wisdom first, in quality of respect to life through this current ‘Age of Information’. Ancestors across the globe applied themselves with nature to achieve great heights, the likes of which we still marvel at today. A reconciliation to living with the eco-system is the revolution for which we have all been longing. Our emotional bodies are yearning to be fully recognized for the gravity that they conduct. Accountability at all levels of human involvement is the only way to ensure efficient interdependence of co-existence. Beginning with you 🙂 


  • Horseshoe Bend Overlook. Moment gifted by Charles Rucher
  • Evolving Lifestyle Design
  • Digital Permaculture Stargate Gifted To Matt
  • Sandra and Sande, a couple spectacular ladies! They are the Executive Producer and Director of "Sister Jaguar's Journey"
  • Full moon fire spinning in Sedona of 2013. Mark Short gifted this moment
  • Gladly Meeting People Where They Are In Life:)


A word originating from the Hawaiian Islands. ‘Love of the land’ can convey what Hawaiian’s cherish dearly through expressing Aloha Aina, living with the land. Most notably for greetings and farewells, as well as depicting a way of life rooted in assertive expressive love. Polynesian culture believes in the Spirit of Life that dwells within all creation. It is often expressed as ‘breath’, or to breathe with nature and one another. Truly understanding that we are all interdependent upon this planet, the concept of ‘Mana’ is a cultivatable energy force to be respected.


Addressing the whole of one’s being in a honest wellness application of wisdom. Inclusive of all variables we embody. Factors of existence are taken into account when setting oneself up for success as an individual on a personal learning opportunity. To awaken the micro and macro understanding of self. Magnets and mirrors of the world in which we live, do align well for utmost resilience. Bringing about harmony in the ways of interaction with other beings in existence.

aloha holistics life journey

mahalo matt

Aloha Holistic began with needed journeys into unknown holistic territories from a Western upbringing. Matt Hunsaker is one of those fellow humans who is blessed with experience beyond his years, which has allowed him to trade services equally with phenomenal Post-Doctoral Graduates since 2015. Exploration of ethical treatments in mental and physical health to allow permeation of spiritual harmony is what really generates passion for him. He has always been a teacher or teachers because he had to raise himself, while being nurtured by many villages. The wisdom of nature and people is what enabled him greatly in the process to think for himself, while remaining mindful of others. 


Working professionally with heavily medicated mental health children in Michigan illustrated the path of needed illumination. Transitioning to Arizona marked the beginning of Preventative and Recovery focus experiences. While living in Phoenix, Matt was gifted with being passed torches of awareness from many recovery community leaders while he served on over 5 committees in elected positions. He then ignited the community torches of Northern Arizona after beginning working in the spa industry of Sedona, which then spread internationally in acclaim. All the while growing a personal business, amidst volunteering the bulk of his time to aiding people in connectivity awarenesses. It is a serene gift to be able to hold an honest mirror up to humanity. So that we can began to feel we are whole and united emotional beings. Matt continues to heavily invest into intelligence on the body, mind & spirit connections in daily life


Bio~Magnetic Being is an honest scientific understanding by which we are able to optimize healthy daily functioning as individuals. Originally formulated by Matt Hunsaker through extensive applications of worldly healthcare studies in his recovery life experiences. Supporting our sub-conscious and conscious systems with quality nutrient qualities is vital in respect to the entirety of our being. Bodies are magnificent. Cultivation of respect for every aspect in our biological system is pertinent for all. Personal practice as well as with a facilitator can enhance the efficacy of your Bio-Magnetic self. Generation of energy is conducted much more efficiently when your magnetic systems are aligned well.

let’s be copacetic!

health information Advisory


“As an individual on this planet, you are invited to cultivate accountable vetted community healthcare professionals as quality educators throughout life. Initiative is a blessing. It is highly advisable to test yourself for immediate and delayed allergic reactions, then work towards neutralizing and diminishing the daily body burden on your system. Nourish well always and in all ways pertinent to your health, honoring the seasons. Research well, cross-analyze with quality professionals, utilize ethical sourcing and apply wisely. Learning and integrating information is a priority for all those who exist. This planet does change us, just as human minds continue to shape this world. Increase the efficacy of your honorable healthcare efficiency by calculating with all of the variables. It is a gift that humanity finds itself undoubtedly all the same. Albeit beautifully, we all can be different in many respects. Gratitude is a part of every fiber in existence. Feeling it is a gift in every moment.”