Having white blonde hair and blue eyes as a baby in Hawaii meant you were swarmed by everyone. Asians who have never seen one, as well as tourists who are reminded of their families gather for a look. Within the Mainland United States, my skin was drastically thickened. Even to the point of fondness in brash specieshood. After living in and visiting many international destination locations the similarities of our species become clear. Each geographical shift with culture invites us into discovery. Societal complexities which define are also variables that quantify valuable experience in this ever changing world in which we co-exist. Melanin rich to amelamism, we are all inhabiting the earth together. As to how we reciprocate life with one another is entirely dependent upon the honesty and integrity within a culture.  


Negotiation of space with a super organism such as us humans, timelines are narrated by the polarity of peace and war between cultures. Trade amidst each other defines a beginning of understanding life-giving blood to civilizations. Gifting societies are cherished enactments of appreciation still carried out today under a multitude of banners. We speak to the good in each other through family, friends and strangers. Equally, our violent capabilities complete the circle of potentialities wherein we first emit within ourselves before the outward is carried forth. 


The founding of Pre-American Democracy and of the United States Of America centers around the Indigenous inhabitants calling themselves Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Nation). While quelling war between the tribes 600 years before America, a notion of turning someone’s heart to the good seeking nature became the truth which turned forgiveness into a way of living for a harmonious future. Studying ‘The Great Law Of Peace’ that is the beginning of democracy by the Iroquois Confederacy is what gave American founders the concept for how our nation can serve it’s citizens. Accumulation of data and the preservation thereof is a duty of all persons alive. Because what one can do, another is quite capable. Having all the variables of potentiality calculated is the step towards being quantum humans in decision making. How the Haudenosaunee people live today is a testament to community integrity preservation through the ages and each generation.


By what measure of grace do you address those indigenous kingdom and tribe members who stewarded the lands of Pre-Americas? The European cries of “in search of a dream” became a emotional tactic for distinguishing a land where anyone can be noble. For tribes of the world have all been exact to the birth and decay cycles in some measure. All wanting to care for their families in a way that brings joy and fulfillment. Even confessed “corporate slaves” admit to sacrificing integrity for large sums of money in order to offer their children a hopeful world shielded from previous and current generational mistakes. Listening to well-established accountants and businessmen talk about President Regal in the 80’s sounds like a dope fiend that just spike their vein with a needle. We are all linked in our inherent desires of fruitful living. Just as some vegans express Nazi like belief systems as a final solution that will undoubtedly be a lack of oversight in nutrient needs, mirror that of the Monsanto corporate decisions to commit ecocide. Humans will balance each other out, always have and always will. We identify the areas of needed growth in each other more rapidly than that which needs tending to ourselves. Bird’s eye view, may we all enjoy the many spectrums of viewing ourselves in calibrating for the highest possible expression of integrity that is good.

Information being passed through body language and words. Being read by our minds and the tangible emotional body.  A same respect towards yourself and the rest of the world cultures asks the dignity to be themselves. Sharpening one’s teeth with one another is a dance that invites each other to lead. We have seen or felt the bravery displayed on either side of any conflict with reverence. People are capable of all kinds of possibilities, even more so with each other respected. Along with our silent partners. When societies truly embrace each other for all we embody, it will most likely be one of loving warriors who are medically in-tune with the earth, each and every one.