An American Civil War Doctor named Andrew Tailor Still, Father of Osteopathy, believed that every cell has innate conscious intelligence. He paved the way for his student in rediscovering intricacies of life. William Garner Sutherland, who discovered another pulse emanating from the spinal column, which is believed to be the primary mechanism for breathing life into a body. Princeton University recently published on the effects of cranial fluid flow and scoliosis in fish. The premise of working with the CranioSacral modality is that the pressure of the weight of a nickel in U.S. currency is the most needed to impact a system. Which holds massive connotations in the gravity of force that people use everyday on each other. Upon further examining the people who created the aforementioned styles of treatment, notice that these two humans were more apt to listen and be with nature. The stark polarity of Allopathic (Conventional) Medicine, which is an unfinished theory.  Whereupon another figure enters the world who is literally “not comfortable, until he can find the truth”. Thus bridging intelligence from around the world, including being another solidifying testament to the role of polarities on the cosmos.

 Randolph Stone listened to this world and the inhabitants long before introducing the life honoring system we call Polarity Therapy. He diligently combined the historical records of healing arts from around the globe in order to produce the magnificent results we can still see happening today. What is so funny, is that Doctor Stone mostly worked on “In-curable Cases”. Similar to Tibetan Medicine, Polarity understanding encompasses Ayurveda (Indus Valley), Chinese, Egyptian and Western teachings that respect the obvious existence of life force energy. 

 Directly combating the ‘iatrogenic’ or poor effects of medical handling is what we all like to call “good bedside manor”. Negotiating the space in which clients and their facilitators takes place inside the mind as well as the physical environment. Chiefly, love allows energy to flow most freely. Just as judgement is where we find stagnancy. Discernment being the operable efficient mind state. Polarity Therapy, along with Cranio-Sacral Unwinding, are predominant disciplines that convey this highest possible good in applying medical intelligence. Fully comprehending working with the body as one organism and understanding traumatic processes is ancient wisdom. Religions even touch on these pertinent matters. The simple truth being that we all have the biological ability to heal ourselves. The existence of others is a part of that healing process for you and for them. Mental frameworks of through construct can be tailored at any age to allow for the highest possible good in all expressions. Minds are where everything material become reality anyway. Hosting your thoughts well paves your pathway to heaven on earth, especially for everyone else’s wellbeing.

We are all capable of being healers, not only for ourselves, for others. Love being the operable state of being that allows a highest potentiality yield is unconditional. You, being the operable subject for love. Not drawing it out of others. It can only be given freely in purest form. Otherwise the corrupted energy will permeate. There is no pleading, praying, or simply is an understanding of connectivity. An ability to permeate without words or touch, not needing proximity to be felt. Tangible attributes are often mistaken for the act of love. When in fact love has many satellites of inherent qualities that can and will most likely differ in organism to organism. The emotional essence of love is pure energy allowance that builds upon itself when the state is nourished at intervals a facilitator’s soul dictates. Nutrient sourcing for a love tank can further be researched by studying “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. 

Having one’s tank filled early on in life or those who had voids and learned to fill it themselves are the most common scenarios. Spin-offs of all varying degrees will most certainly be a probability. However you come to your own personal understanding of input can equal greater output, I wish you well on the journeys. One such journey will maybe be of Entitlement. The dark side of our inner child. Shame will be the other side of that coin. Focusing on the negative has to take place currently, until you can see, accept, future cast, transmute and love through a millisecond or less of processing. Reaching that state can be instantaneous. Or it can be a deep process in and of itself. No matter what, keep up the understanding search to transform energy into positive. The cycle has to be in circle with your circuitry, otherwise you get stuck. Seen and been there too many times and it sucks watching others stumbling over themselves. Connectivity being the operable mindset to have all of yourself present and accounted for in this existence.