Inherent capabilities can be varried between us all. Learning how to honestly inventory yourself as a conscious organism on this planet is a blessing to cultivate. Focusing on you is the mission at hand.

Emotional, Spatial, Kinesthetic, as well as Mental Intelligence begin to comprise our ability to grow. The human body generates electricity through everyday processes. How we generate, the amounts, and to what end theses biological activities perpetuate is up to you. Connective tissue operates similar to that of magnetic generators, storage and transmitting towers for our intelligence circuits. Honoring these integral systems is needed for efficiency in conductivity. 

Honoring your own systems is similar to honoring the systems of worlds around you. When we examine natural processes, our wonderment begins to grow. Because we are the ones studying. Nature does not take notes on us. It is this foundational kernel of wisdom that seems to escape MOST western practitioners. Resulting in the FEARDEMIC of 2020 and the unnatural deaths we have experienced from this disconnected healing form, which actually is an extension of Eastern knowledge. Because where does the sun rise and then set, it is continuous. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves first and foremost, then letting others suffer with them. 

Getting the Flu shot or COVID shot are equally compared to actually contracting the viral loads on the CDC website. But that is grossly negligent and dishonest, as getting the shots also decreases mentally capacity through the toxin mercury and other viral-variant creating pathogens. Effectively prolonging the viruses existence through our populaces, while creating indoctrinated slaves to insanity. 

~MIT Scientist links Brain disease to MRNA shots and decreased quality of life plus increased mortality

***The real solutions to the Feardemic that propoganda started in 2020 start with pesticide-free nutrition and clean living (selective chemical usage combined with getting out in nature without electronic devices). *Ivermectin is another strong veterinary medicine that works for viral defense in humans. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide (3% diluted solution) also kills viral and bacterial infections. You may have to use it MANY times inside mouth and throat, or vaporizing safely and infusion into bloodstream are the methods of dosing. Organic essential oils protect us from bacterial and viral infections galore. In fact, during the Feardemic, people were able to safely enter and exit the “Wisdom of the Earth’ oils distribution offices in Cornville, Arizona without the usage of any health ignorant devices, such as muzzles/masks. Because it is known throughout the honest medical communities that essential oils are the first thing in a medical kit, besides the wisdom imparted from a trusted elder into your mental thinking. The “rootless” society of Western medicine is only rootless because they dishonor their elders with presuming to replace “god” themselves. 

  The trick is to continue learning. We humans have a LONG way to go, since our society functions the way it does currently.

 While pleading for reason in decision making, let alone personal decisions that must be made, can fall on seemingly deaf ears…it is your responsibility to continue respecting your medical needs. Which the medical needs of others MUST also be of mindful attention. Even the pharmaceutical companies withhold information about OUR natural immune responses from the masses. Because it demonstrates OUR innate SELF-HEALING capabilities. Bad for repetition of unnecessary business. Western Medical Societies around the globe have been found GUILTY of suppressing these simple truths. Again, bad for bad business. Anyone wearing a MUZZLE (ignorant masks) during the feardemic was guilty of not only being a victim but also victimizing others. The systems of demoralization have been in place for many years. Because it is truly IMMORAL to receive a COVID shot, wear a muzzle or demand others do so as well. The recent variations caused by the COVID shot only further bad business, as the mortality rates plummet, along with numerous, new health issues created through such immorality. When we do not tackle the issue at hand, we allow it to plague the future. Just as the regular flu shot causes brain damage and continues the influenza pathogen in a guaranteed, continued life cycle annually, to further more ill-begotten profit, the new Covid shots cause even more irreparable damage to the brain and rest of our biological systems. All to undermine simple fixes found in nature. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide being the number one agent of influenza killer besides a great nutrition system in place. 

Standing up for truth is easier said than done. I was in my late 30s even before truth became apparent, with all the mass indoctrination and lack of  honest education in the US, no wonder. Friendships and families will be tested. Many of mine are still in debate. But the evidence is there for the milling of minds. Standing alongside another soul in such heated debates can be breathtaking and quite inspiring. Even if we need to take breaks from speaking to one another or even the subject matter all together. Truth is a medicine for the masses, neigh the soul of existence. Any person, corporation, government or idea that separates truth from reality, is an enemy to itself first and foremost, then the rest of us all. 

Enemies are the rivalry which spans human decision making. The other who can do and think what I do and think, but doesn’t do and think exactly what I will like them to do and think. Animosity & Envy at a fine dilution. Spirits upon which that we drink, become the essence of our purpose. Revenge. Who struck first? Last? Was the why, who, what and ramifications attended to properly? These are the fibers that we humans ingest daily. Our own filth, righteousness and neutral tendencies thoroughly examined within our own minds. Possibly filtered through the minds of closely regarded contacts, most certainly strained through the generational complexities that which we call family. Nonetheless, needed. Death does not have to be the verdict, nor the intention. One-eyed backstabbing be damned in these trying times, called existence. For we cannot place value on the day, soul or goods. For we are all in it together, unequally, and beautifully learning. If we are only striving for the “days of old”, stagnancy is the root of your ails. 

~When enemies only want to rule and enslave all others but that particular race or religion, is when we need to be drastically concerned for the honest wellbeing of all. Because anyone who exerts themselves over another person in dominance is lying to themselves first and foremost. Having a person who lies to themselves on a continually basis is the basis of caustic neurological issues.

Defense of oneself is the most fundamental of practices in existence. Just as healing Since we are far removed from these natural rights of passage, our societies have fallen prey to demoralization en masse. The ability to physically and verbally protect friends, family, strangers and self is a gift from the heavens. It coincides with the innate healing nature that which we have been given as well. Firearms have become a scientific and viable extension of said integrity. No different from a backscratcher or other tools to assist in the mental intention of healing another soul’s physical vessel for a time. When nations rely on the purchased protection from others, doom is already spelled for those souls, just as history has proven time and time again.