We can recover from many injuries through well-cultivated medical integrations. Massage is one of those scientifically proven methods to increase wellness across all ancestries. It is the oil change for our biological organism.

Learn how to embrace the ways in which you interact with self, in all expressions of existence through skillful use of tissue talk. 

Developing the dialogue to your inner needs, releasing the superficial curses, comes with learning to actually listen. Begin by deprogramming all the toxic culture and lies which have been indoctrinated into you. This comes about by doing research into historical archives easily accessible in this day and age. By enriching your lives with truth and ancestral wisdom, the doom and gloom melts away. Not the rage sometimes, because the modern day slavery plan that has created 2 World Wars by placing blame on other peoples is still in effect. 

Taking in a lot of content can be exhausting. I like to offset this by building more reliable energy through functional training. Trust me when I say, the correct form is unique to you. It has taken me a lifetime of searching for REAL movement teachers all my life and only found the highest forms in my 30s. Dr MATTHEW ZANIS is a proven Olympic coach who has only recently helped me realize some continued healing goals. The forms the value human function are listed now in order of importance:)



Long Distance Cardio


….and then correct Stretching and Yoga

~ All the while maintaining proper ORGANIC nutrition and supplementation ~

Through lifestyle and studying of your physical and energetic systems, will you master yourself. Then can assist with others in their self mastery. This is why over 95% of doctors are FRAUDS and NEED to be UNABLE to practice any form of medicine until they learn honor.


Consultations, Individual & Group Sessions Available