“Lifestyle Integrating Resilient Medical Wellness.”

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All Humans Are Athletes & Healers

The largest and smallest cell in human biology united with each other to form you. While an array of food based fat or water soluble vitamins makes your life all the more probable. Surmounting to no less than varying cells numbering in the tens of trillions, stemming from that one unification, you are now creating thousands of billions of chemical reactions every second.

Life’s diversity blessing enhances our experience of form and function for each individual. Interactions interdependent upon other organisms is navigating grace incarnate. As cognizant participants, responsibility to cultivate knowledge in high-esteem and apply in wisdom is an inherent blessing of existence.

Have you activated your highest possible athletic self?

Human Touch is Life changing 

Increase Your Honest Platonic Healthcare Connectivity Awareness 

Co-Creative Life Advisement 

“The BEST” Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Massage Ceremony 

Surgery After-Care & Prevention 

 Aerial Healing Arts 

Honoring Post-Traumatic Stress 

Prayerful Meditations  


Bio~Magnetic BEING Foundation

Your body is the ultimate, all inclusive opportunity to love yourself wisely. 

Gladly Serving All International Clientele

with State Licensed Mobile Medical Awareness Across Arizona and Nevada

Nevada Clients and Medical Cannabis Patients living in Arizona, ask about including an extraction of CBD and/or THC to your customized healing salve 

 Always Eco-Friendly 

Facilitator Uses Only Organic / Non-GMO Products in Life 

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Honest Medical Intelligence

Honest scientific observations increase our ability to optimize healthy functioning as individuals. Supporting biological systems with quality care is vital in respect to the entirety of our being. Honoring nature, from whence we are born and derive raw materials, is equally a prime necessity.

Bodies are magnificent. Including those Celestial. Cultivation of organism respect in every aspect is pertinent for all. Preventative lifestyles are a sincere medical obligation we all have as human beings. Mindful sincerity is obliged to this planet, other species and ourselves


Inspiration sourced from all the moments that invite us into profound gratitude for why we do the things that we do. Mahalo, Life!

Self-Massage Foundations

Basics of applying tissue to tissue in a highly-skilled medical approach

Respecting Organism Intelligence

‘All of you’ is an ideal for you to fathom in line with the heavens and earth

Nutrient Roots: Sourcing

Honor the hunter and gatherer genetics you have by optimizing your efficiency with only high-quality life nurturing facts

let’s be copacetic!

health information Advisory


“As an individual on this planet, you are invited to cultivate accountable vetted community healthcare professionals as quality educators throughout life. Initiative is a blessing. It is highly advisable to test yourself for immediate and delayed allergic reactions, then work towards neutralizing and diminishing the daily body burden on your system. Nourish well always and in all ways pertinent to your health, honoring the seasons. Research well, cross-analyze with quality professionals, utilize ethical sourcing and apply wisely. Learning and integrating information is a priority for all those who exist. This planet does change us, just as human minds continue to shape this world. Increase the efficacy of your honorable healthcare efficiency by calculating with all of the variables. It is a gift that humanity finds itself undoubtedly all the same. Albeit beautifully, we all can be different in many respects. Gratitude is a part of every fiber in existence. Feeling it is a gift in every moment.”