Aerial Healing Arts

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Matt blends teachings from potent distilled perspectives into a personalized form of movement expressions that cultivates an increase in functional strength, flexibility and revitalizing body awareness.

This is a gateway to your personal kingdom of wellness. Life and style combine well, especially in the full spectrums that motion and stillness can inhabit our world. Learning how to weave oneself through the octaves of mental and physical together are what really makes humans incredibly brilliant.

Proven methods of enhancing lasting vitality are integrated teachings, by way we are able to view ourselves in many eyes. The following can assist you incredibly well in attaining enhanced levels of form and function through communication forged with due diligent patience:

Aerial arts such as silks, lyra, hammock, gymnast rings, pole and straps

Ways in which you can structurally fold in on yourself with body weight (calisthenics)

Cultivating sustained energy over increasing periods of time include cardiovascular enhancement through active and passive breath-work (Prana)

Tai-Chi, Qi-Gung, and other forms of Martial Arts are enriched within these practices. Yogic Philosophies including Iyangar, Flow, Yin, and Restorative.

Welcome the start of a vast array of movement art forms in which you can embody. Weave them into a Yin and Yang honoring self-study. The focus is to create self-sustainability in daily self-guided movement and stillness studies.