Prayerful Meditations

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Meditation is an art of listening. Calibration of mind which permeates through body, essentially a spirit’s breath. Prayer is how we reply to the cosmos with our thoughts, action and rest. ~ Matt Hunsaker

All in this space of life, you are with you. Sometimes we have others with us. The fact remains, that you are the only person between your ears. Meditation is a relief by immersions into worlds other than our own.

Negotiating the experience of thinking is greatly increased in efficiency by having cool down periods. Translating into vastly more neuroplasticity, space adaptations, balance and awareness cultivation. Adaptations to environments becomes much more seamless and rich in experience.

Prayer life is other side of this coin. Carrying a conversation with the cosmos is vividly glorious with full-participation. Giving yourself full support always proves to be a wise decision.

Matt is available to facilitate groups and individuals in stillness to movement prayerful meditations. Life supports such as bolsters, flow tools, supplements and other biological calibration devices can be cultivated into self-stewardship sessions.