Lectures and Public Speaking

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Matt Hunsaker is a honest human voice in Honoring Biological Development. As a facilitator of honest wellness, Matt has been graced with full-spectrum experiences across many layers of life. He went from the best health clubs in Honolulu, to a dual-diagnosis half-way house inside a hood of Michigan, then leading the way for international wellness teachers to be able to educate others many times over. He also helped his mom overcome cancer (along with an Alzheimer’s and Auto-Immune Diagnosis) a couple times by committing much of his time to her well-being. The human emotional spectrum is a viable variable that we are all blessed to embody. Honoring the connections our interactions have in this world begins differently for us all. Matt loves to help people cultivate tools of integrity to increase healthy processing of data that life asks us to acquire.

Guided awarenesses around these topics are able to be fun, tactfully and candidly shared for educational purposes. Appropriate, while remaining entirely honest is guaranteed