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                                                            Wellness is a valuable asset. 

Quality participation in life, is through health. 

   Thoughts matter. Just like the rest of you 



  • ARIZONA (AZMT-18211)
  • NEVADA (NVMT-9771)


 Mobile and Video Appointments Only

 Eco-Friendly & Organic Quality Assurance

 Honorably Serving All Binary / Non-Binary Fellow Beings Age 6 & Up to Elders

(with a guardian, parental, esteemed medical advisor consent)


  • Resilient Organism Advising
  • Massage Facilitation
  • Lomi Lomi ~ Hawaiian Ceremony
  • Aerial Healing Arts
  • Lectures and Public Speaking
  • Prayerful Meditations

Aloha's 1st Video

A grateful reprise of how Sedona can nature purely. Produced by Tommy Photography in 2014

health information Advisory


“As an individual on this planet, you are invited to cultivate accountable vetted community healthcare professionals as quality educators throughout life. Initiative is a blessing. It is highly advisable to test yourself for immediate and delayed allergic reactions, then work towards neutralizing and diminishing the daily body burden on your system. Nourish well always and in all ways pertinent to your health, honoring the seasons. Research well, cross-analyze with quality professionals, utilize ethical sourcing and apply wisely. Learning and integrating information is a priority for all those who exist. This planet does change us, just as human minds continue to shape this world. Increase the efficacy of your honorable healthcare efficiency by calculating with all of the variables. It is a gift that humanity finds itself undoubtedly all the same. Albeit beautifully, we all can be different in many respects. Gratitude is a part of every fiber in existence. Feeling it is a gift in every moment.”