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“I trust Matt Hunsaker’s healing instincts, therapeutic touch, and kind attitude. I am pleased to offer him a public recommendation of his professional healing services. My entire visit and massage experience were totally comfortable. Matt’s energy and professionalism are very nurturing. Lastly, Matt’s full-price is very fair. For his being a non-doctor, I am impressed at Matt’s ability to proficiently answer questions about the body-mind-health connection. He obviously folds this information back into his clients’ massage experiences.”
Alisha Forrester Scott

Creative Mind at

“Matt is extremely intuitive and just hits all the right points! I never felt more relaxed after and my body was extremely grateful! One of the best massages I’ve had in a long time!”
Anna Sirotin

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Yoga Therapist

“Matt is a highly skilled, intuitive, energetically aware practitioner. As a professional pole dancer, aerialist and fitness instructor, I have experienced many types of body work from many practitioners. Matt’s gentle touch and soft, safe energy created a space for me to really release on more than just a physical level. His body work is a unique blend of modalities that are flawlessly executed. I could feel him instinctually find my hot spots and give them effective attention, yet never to the point I felt was too much. He is rhythmically gifted which made his work feel like a song and dance moving across my body. I experienced not only physical release and lasting change, but emotional and spiritual release as well. And the safe, trusting space he created allowed me to have this experience. Thank you, Matt, for your attention, time, energy and care.”
Holly Miely

Co-Founder of Atmosphere Fitness

“As a resident of Sedona for nearly two decades I’ve had many treatments but my favorite is Lomi Lomi. I recently returned from a trip to Maui and wanted a Lomi Lomi massage in Sedona to reactivate the feelings of being in the South Pacific… that’s when I found the incredible healing hands of Matt Hunsaker. By far the BEST Lomi Lomi treatment I ever received. I was taken away. It was so much more than a massage… it was a breathtaking experience filled with rejuvenation. It was also filled with the warmth of the Islands that I so desired. I highly recommend Matt’s Lomi Lomi for any one that is seeking this kind of gentle magic. Coming from Hawaii himself, he’s the real deal. One can feel the love from his hands. If I had to sum up the treatment in one word… “Glorious”.”
Glenn Scarpelli

Actor and Founding Partner of Sedona Now TV

“Matt may well be one of, if not the most genuine and in-tune souls I have ever encountered. You feel relaxed and invigorated simply being in his presence.”
Clint Rogers

Emergency Medical Technician and Forest Service

“Matt’s aerial yoga and conditioning class is the best one I have ever attended. Great potential to self-develop. Matt is a great teacher.”
Mark Laursen

Actor, Dancer, Painter & Holistic Health Medical Doctor

“Matthew offers a fabulous massage experience. His approach is attentive, caring and tailored to each individual. I highly recommend Matt as a very talented therapist.”
Amy Knobel

Consultant at INT Technologies & Licensed Massage Therapist

“Matt Hunsaker is a master of his craft. I would recommend his services to anyone.”
Adam Brogan

Developer at Spray N Relief CBD

“Matt has a healing touch and a warm heart. I would definitely recommend him.”
Elysia Hole

Yogi & School Teacher in the United Kingdom

“Man! My shoulder has not felt this good in a long time. Thank you.
Gabriel Bass

Licensed Massage Therapist & Musician

“On October 23rd (2014) I had a serious car accident and immediately went to Matt for Myofascial, cranial sacral, polarity, essential oils, bodywork. Along with Sound Healing, acu-toning, acupuncture and jin sin jitsu I am healing astoundingly well. Matt is a peaceful, powerful healer with huge talent. You deserve his service.”
Margaret Joy Weaver

Founding Partner at Sedona International City of Peace and Verde Valley Mental Health Coalition

“Matthew is not only a dear friend, but a spiritually gifted individual who I’m humbled and honored to have in my life. He is well resourced not only intellectually, but socially as well. His skills in bodywork and massage are highly intuitive, as well as technical and attentive to my needs. Highly recommended on so many levels.”
Adrian Ealy

Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Polarity Practitioner

“Matt Hunsaker holds the kind of impeccability in his way of being and in his bodywork that is rarely seen today. He gives his entirety to his work, his vision and his communications in both his professional and personal life. His unique style of bodywork is graceful, healing, grounded and loving. He is one of the most dedicated up and coming healers of our community.”
Amalia Camateros

Naturopathic Doctor (Australia), Spirit of the Stones author, Shamanic Healer and Counselor at The Sanctuary of Sedona

“Matthew is not only a smart and efficient person but also an inspiring healer. He is a very productive person. As a results driven professional, Matthew cannot be overestimated. The man never refuses you when you ask him for help. He is one of the best healers I’ve ever met in my life and one of the smartest colleagues with whom I have ever worked. I strongly endorse Matthew. ”
Aaron Pierson


“Matt’s aerial yoga class puts the fun back in getting stronger and stretching deeper. Matt was a great guide and helped me work at my own pace.”
Joy Gabriel LMT

Dancer and Co-Creator of Sedona Retreat Center

“Matt did a great job listening to my concerns and helping me overcome an injury to my neck/back in 2012. Matt was always very professional, courteous and flexible to accommodate my schedule. I would highly recommend Matt as a strong team player – he has great energy and genuinely cares about those he works with.”
Karen Fulmer

Aerialist Instructor, Performer and Owner at Vertical Fix

“Matt is a gifted healer. His intuitive nature and capacity to hold space invites the receiver into a place of trust. After each massage I know the layers of tension have melted away and a new refreshed “me” has emerged! For those wishing to go deeper, feel completely, and really “know” their body, have a conversation with Matt regarding your needs. He takes the time to listen. ”
Christy Burnette

Yoga Teacher Trainer / Executive Director / Founder Conscious Community Yoga Association Inc.

“Thank you for the most intuitive healing massage I’ve had in a long long time!
Thank you thank you!
I feel lighter and clearer!

Radha Schwaller

Owner / Licensed Massage Therapist / Ayurveda Teacher at Samadhi Ayurveda

“Matthew Hunsaker is very knowledgeable, spiritual, grounded, and tuned into his client’s needs. I have received several sessions from him, each one focused on my current therapeutic needs. After each session with Matthew, my muscles and body and are totally relaxed and I am completely renewed in mind, body, and spirit. I would highly recommend Matthew for all of your therapeutic needs, and be sure to ask him about his other modalities and services. Try him, you won’t be disappointed!”
Rob Austin

Licensed Massage Therapist

health information Advisory


“As an individual on this planet, you are invited to cultivate accountable vetted community healthcare professionals as quality educators throughout life. Initiative is a blessing. It is highly advisable to test yourself for immediate and delayed allergic reactions, then work towards neutralizing and diminishing the daily body burden on your system. Nourish well always and in all ways pertinent to your health, honoring the seasons. Research well, cross-analyze with quality professionals, utilize ethical sourcing and apply wisely. Learning and integrating information is a priority for all those who exist. This planet does change us, just as human minds continue to shape this world. Increase the efficacy of your honorable healthcare efficiency by calculating with all of the variables. It is a gift that humanity finds itself undoubtedly all the same. Albeit beautifully, we all can be different in many respects. Gratitude is a part of every fiber in existence. Feeling it is a gift in every moment.”